On Moonglade already walk and celebrate!

24 january 2017, 03:54

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On Moonglade already walk and celebrate Reach for a piece of the Lunar festival it's time to launch fireworks and honor Azerothian elders vivid celebrations. January 23, 2006 the gongs, announced the start of a bloody war. This week we remember the fallen to iterate over in memory the events of the past and celebrating the great victory of the new holiday the call of the scarab. In this article you will find a list of hotfixes to World of Warcraft Legion. We present a description of the new products. New year starts with a major update. In the 7.1.5 update, you will find some novelties in particular the new time-traveling Little the holidays and the return of the brawler's Guild. In this article you will find links to the main reviews and comments of the developers. You thought you threatened only by the demons of the Burning Legion there it was Very soon Azeroth will be flooded and even creatures from the sanctuary... Journey of heroes of Azeroth, through shining Suramar was full of mysteries and mortal dangers. The next step will be testing in the Citadel of Night, in the heart of the city. Go to your favorite capital, it's December 31st starting from 18: 00 server time every hour you will find the beautiful fireworks Before the New year remains very little time. In today's issue we will tell you what new is waiting for you in January to sum up the results of 2016 and will ask you to talk about their plans for 2017 in World of Warcraft. Greatfather Winter did not disappoint In Orgrimmar and Stormwind under the trees for giveaways. In the 7.1.5 update, the game will be a lot of firsts. Including the Little holidays fun and exciting events designed to diversify the gameplay. For the Winter Veil holiday discounts until January 3, 2017 the number of Pets and vehicles can be purchased at a special price. A list of hotfixes that have recently appeared in the game for World of Warcraft Legion. It's time to decorate the Christmas tree to buy tangerines to wear a favorite sweater stocking birch twigs if you have a bath tradition... come all your favorite winter holidays, Winter Cover After a short break for licking wounds and broken bones fusion of popular fighting resumed again. With the release of 7.1.5 time travel will be possible on the Islands of Pandaria. In Legion started a new PvP season. The time to strike Started another event and this week we're going on the battlefield. Get a new pet for the holidays and you will support a good deed Until 31 December 2016 all funds raised from the sale of a new pet Monkey, will be transferred to the charity Fund Make-A-Wish. His mission is to fulfill the cherished wishes of seriously ill children around the world. We have something to show and something to tell and we

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