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ACS of Alibaev will be released in the cage on January 28, in Makhachkala at the tournament Fight Nights Global 58 his opponent will be world champion in combat Sambo, winner of international tournament on MMA Fight Nights... The President of fight promotion UFC Dana white said he did not expect such a heavy defeat star Rhonda rousey that she suffered tonight at the hands of Amanda Nunes. Recall that just... Ex-champion of UFC in the easiest weight Rhonda Rosie 12-2 are unable to regain the title after suffering a crushing defeat in the first round from the current champion Amanda Nunes 14-4 in the main event... Just got out of a candidates match at Bantamweight where he met former champion T. J., Dillashaw and John Lineker which came to this fight with a strike to 6 wins.... The ex-champion of UFC in light-Middleweight weight Johnie Hendrix 17-6 suffered a third defeat in a row losing on points Neelu Magney 19-5 as part of the preliminary card of UFC new year's 207. Making... We present to Your attention video of fights of the preliminary card of UFC 207... The former champion of UFC on the UFC 207, Las Vegas after meeting with the current owner of the title and Amanda Nunes. Rosie decided not to give any interviews to journalists before his... The future of Ronda rousey in MMA is largely dependent on her performance at UFC 207. This was stated by UFC President Dana white.... Early tomorrow morning, Moscow time in Las Vegas Nevada USA in the arena T-Mobile Arena will host the final tournament of promotion of the UFC this year at number 207. In the main... Ex-boyfriend first champion of UFC Rhonda Rosie Brendan Schaub expressed concerns about her mental state on the eve of her return to the octagon for a fight with Brazilian Amanda Nunes... Already this weekend in Los Angeles, Ronda rousey MMA UFC 12-1 6-1 to meet the main challenge in his career and spiritual support she will betray the memory of a lost father.... Fight Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson seemed a logical step in the absence of Conor McGregor. Both fighters without a doubt are the main contenders in the lightweight division of the UFC. But the fight was not... Jon Jones is the greatest talent and the greatest loser. It said Dana white when the youngest in the history of the champion of UFC was once again stripped of his title and suspended for a year for... Top Russian lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov 24-0 commented on the current situation with the organization of the fight against Tony Ferguson 22-3. Earlier, Russian media appeared information about the fact that... One of the main contenders for the title UFC in the lightweight division, Tony Ferguson spoke to the champion Conor McGregor. Ferguson said that he will destroy McGregor when he returns to the octagon. ... Russian mixed martial arts fighter Habib Nurmagomedov believes the most important battle to fight with

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