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The film tells about the adventures of writer newt Scamander in new York's secret community of witches and wizards took place 70 years before Harry Potter reads a book of this writer in the school. Xander cage later years, returns from self-imposed exile and into the mad whirl of events. He assembles a team of crazy adventurers with whom he has to find a powerful secret weapon Pandora's Box. We must act quickly for the development of hunting dangerous thugs. The stakes in a deadly game increased when it turns out that world governments are involved in a bloody conspiracy and at stake is the fate of the world. Amazing story about a boy Connor and the monster of his dreams. When Connor especially hard is something incredible old yew tree outside his window comes to life and turns into a huge monster. At night, the monster tells Conor stories to help him understand that even when the whole world is crashing, you can find the strength not to despair. In this new year favorite characters of all Trees also do stupid things and hope for a miracle. Bor need to restore the family fortune and for this he is ready to steal your best friend Genis penguin. Skier and Snowboarder and not grown-up suit mad pursuit of the tree. Baba Manya mastering the Internet hoping to find an old love. Professor from Ekaterinburg settled down but now he goes crazy with jealousy. ... Ex-military Jack Reacher arrives in Washington for his first meeting with major Susan Turner who was head of his former division and more than once helped him in difficult situations. By a strange coincidence, literally on the eve of his visit of major was arrested on charges of treason, Reacher confident of the innocence of Susan will release her and uncover the conspiracy threads which extend to the top. In an effort to get ... The main character works in an advertising Agency in new York. Not so long ago in his personal life was a tragedy which has plunged him into severe depression. His colleagues are trying to help and develop an innovative plan for the return of a friend back on solid ground but the plan triggered a surprise to colleagues. Where in fact there was a world religion which became the basis of human civilization And what a highly advanced race can live in the center of the Earth Researchers that the ancient people can't identify their appearance, ethnic group or language. How much and under what circumstances disappeared this civilization Really this is the civilization which was called the white gods of the Russian North The heroes family problems. For fun they decide to have a quick drive in China

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